Research Strands

The network global results in the following research and acting strands:


  1. The study of cultural expressions and vertical stories about culture. In opposition, analysis of patterns and resources of the so called popular culture.
  2. Analysis of cultural industries processes. Critical approach to the effects of the so called Creative industries.
  3. Analysis of International Development experiences, in order to gather a reflection frame about the “development model” intentions.
  4. The study of the local empowerment and enterprising practices, from a wider and more social-focused approach than those that Market provides.
  5. Reflection about the relationship among citizenship, new information technologies  and development.
  6. Analysis of discourses about the city as emerging representation arisen from global Utopia and crisis of state politics.
  7. Attention to the importance of mediatization to communities. Particularly, to the new perspective provided by new dynamics of appropriation and the understanding of media as social encounter point.
  8. Structural analysis of communication and development from the perspective of Political Economy of Communication and Critical Theory.
  9. The study of community communication experiences and methods, in close relation with diversity concept.
  10. Taking ethics into account for the drawing-up of Good Practice Manuals for communication and social professionals, as well as for communication agents training.
  11. Analysis of the rapports existing between Comdev and human groups according to their generational and economic condition, in order to prevent marginalization and to design training strategies for integration.
  12. Analysis of official, political and professional discourses from a critic perspective. Likewise, analysis of the discourse generated by social movement and communication rights demands.
  13. Use of Social Network Analysis methodology.
  14. Analysis of storytelling, repertoires and considerations about Alterity.
  15. Charting of social and cultural flow at bordering territories.
  16. Analysis of culture organization and its communicative, political, social and economic effects.


Therefore, REAL_CODE  attempts to undertake a broad and open review of social and communicative current situations and of its future horizons.