About Real Code

Communication is an cross cutting axis in which Social Reality is settled. Communication may contribute to improve social life conditions. It also involves participation and decision making. Besides, Communication plays an essential role in the construction of Social Reality elements as politics, economy and culture. Society as a whole, in permanent dialog, should take part in this construction. Communication is, therefore, a common good, a right that  everybody should enjoy.

The concept of development needs a redefinition in order to be applied to today’s global social context. At the concept basis, we assume we are in debt to Latin American experience, as in its rich social background, as in generating knowledge and development analysis tools.

Apart from development application to cooperation field, REAL_CODE will analyze European social sphere and specially bordering territories permeated by cultural and communicative flows that might generate specific development dynamics.

REAL_CODE intends to recover communication and development as key components of a cartography of Social Reality. This charting will be based on a knowledge chain composed of four analysis elements: spaces, agents, conflicts/processes and representations. The resulting map will provide with materials that will enable new common proposed solutions to social and communicative problems.